4 Fun Places To Go For Breakfast in Austin


If you’ve ever been to Austin, you know the city for its laid-back vibe, which is why the idea of finding the best breakfasts in the capital of Texas might seem strange – who gets up that early, anyway? Austin restaurant owners know their city, too, which is why many of these Austin breakfast spots serve the most important meal of the day all day.

Whether you’re looking for classic Texas breakfasts like migas or breakfast tacos, or more diverse fare from around the world, here are a few places you’re guaranteed to get a great start in Austin.

Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse

One of the original mainstays of South Austin, Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse serves up its vegetarian breakfasts all day long – your hangover is no longer an excuse for missing the day’s first meal. Enjoy Bouldin originals like the Potato Leek Omelet or a zucchini-filled take on local classic migas (eggs fried with sala, chese and tortilla strips), or choose tofu instead of eggs on any menu item for a delicious, cruelty-free spin on your favorite morning dish. Bouldin Creek also serves up some of the best iced toddy coffee in town – and refills are free here when you dine in, something that almost never happens in Austin anymore.

Blue Dahlia Bistro

The centerpiece of Austin’s budding East 11th Street District is Blue Dahlia Bistro, a French-inflected café with Texan tendencies. Choose from a selection of frittatas made with local ingredients like jalapeño-spiced sausage, stay healthy with sensible options like Greek yogurt fresh local berries or organic oatmeal, or go European and enjoy a latte or cappuccino with a delicious Belgian waffle. No matter what you eat for breakfast, take advantage of the on-site boulangérie and bring a huge French baguette – or five – home with you.

24 Diner

Austin’s home to more than half a dozen locally bred diners – choosing just one is about as difficult as deciding on just one night to enjoy the city’s famous live music– but as Austin evolves from slacker-filled college town into perhaps the most quintessentially 21st-century city in America, sleek and modern 24 Diner seems like the obvious choice. Tip: Go on a day when you’re not counting calories and enjoy the supremely filling 24 Hash, which pairs house-cut potatoes with onions, Jalapenos, two runny eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon and sausage. If you’re really not counting calories, wash it down with a hand-dipped Roasted Banana and Brown Sugar milkshake.

Pueblo Viejo

It wouldn’t be a “Best Breakfasts in Austin” list without breakfast tacos, so with that we conclude our round-up: Meet Pueblo Viejo. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming location (a trailer just east of IH-35 on 6th Street) or the laid-back demeanor of its staff – this is where you’ll find what is likely the best breakfast taco in Austin. Apologize to your arteries, then order the Taco Don Chago, which combines the protein cardiologists love to hate (bacon!) with avocado, refried beans and salty Mexican cheese.

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