28 Scenes of Local Life

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Scenes of Local Life.

The children dancers lining up to perform in Merida, Mexico.

Wonderful mariachis in Playa Del Carmen

Man in Merida, Mexico

Helpful waiter with umbrella in Merida, Mexico

Man in foreground, man in background in Merida, Mexico

Snack vendor in Merida, Mexico

Dancers in Merida, Mexico.

Guitar player in Cozemel, Mexico

Mayan woman and children in Guatemala

Old woman feeding dog in Antigua, Guatemala

Beautiful Mayan girl in Antigua, Guatemala

Dancers in traditional costume in Merida, Mexico

Street vendor in Antigua, Guatemala during the Semana Santa

Kuna Indian dancers in Panama City, Panama

Bus parked near the Portobelo Bay, Panama

Traditional Panamanian dancer in  Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama

My vegetable man in Antigua, Guatemala. (I bought veggies from him for 6 months, he was my guy)

Mayan woman and baby in Parque Central, Antigua, Guatemala

15 year old coming out celebration in Antigua, Guatemala

Man at the gay pride festival in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hugging couple at the gay pride festival in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Clown, motorcyle driver and street vendor in central park, Gautemala City, Guatemala

Fruit vendor, central park, Gautemala City, Guatemala

Homeless woman in Gautemala City, Guatemala

Street vendors in Gautemala City, Guatemala

Shoes for sale on the street in Gautemala City, Guatemala

Man at sunrise on the beach, Puerto San Jose, Guatemala

The market in Antigua, Guatemala

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