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Seth’s Blog: Your most vivid fears…

It’s so easy to build walls, to fence us in our doubts, to claim we are “risk-averse”. Yet, most of the times concentrating only on the one case scenario, we miss out on the “other” possibility.

How different really are the monsters in the closet when we were three and four years old?

And yes, one would be smart to calculate the risks – yet there is such a difference between evaluating and calculating risks versus being afraid and staying with our fears.

And all I want to ask you is to close your eyes and imagine – what you want to do, where you want to go, how you want to be. Block out everything else. This is your mind; your willpower; your freedom. And only you can imagine it.

And if you can imagine it, chances are that you will at least try to do it. And isn’t trying better than being afraid?

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