Traveling to Voss Norway When It's Covered in Snow


When traveling in Norway, time of year actually impacts your experience. Winter is low season and I may be the oddball out that simply loves winter weather. The extreme snow and ice make the landscape beautiful in Winter, especially lovely in the tranquil town of Voss.

In Summer months I imagined that Voss would be loaded with tourists. It’s a small town but a good stop over place and if you plan to visit Gudvangen or Flam, so it’s highly likely you’ll at least pass through Voss at some point. It’s on the main train route between Oslo and Bergen too.

Voss in Norway is a beautiful town.

Voss in Norway

I had a morning here before heading out to tour the Fjords and I recommend this quick fire top 5 (it excludes the hikes around the town by the way).

Dawn breaking in Voss, Norway

Dawn breaking in Voss, Norway

A cliched thing to do is head down by the Lake and get your photo taken by the Voss sign. The beautiful mountains in behind are simply magnificent. It looked breathtaking in winter.

The Voss sign and my travelling Northern Ireland flag.

The Voss sign and my travelling Northern Ireland flag.

Voss Kulturhus is as it sounds – a Culture House. Inside this complex is also a library and a cafe but the museum and cultural rooms explain the history of Voss.

Voss Kulturhus

Voss Church – Vangskyrkja. The church was built in 1271 – 1277, is still in use and one of the main sights in the town.

The marvellous church in Voss

Voss Lake is located behind the town, but of course in winter it was completely frozen over and you could stumble on it and not even realize its a lake.

Can you see Voss Lake?

Fleischer Hotel had the friendliest staff and cosiest lounge I could have hoped for.

The Fleischer Hotel in Voss, Norway

The Fleischer Hotel in Voss, Norway

After Voss, I headed by bus to the village of Gudvangen where I embarked on my fjords tour. Norway was a simply magnificent country to travel through.

Jonny Scott Blair
Jonny Blair is a self confessed traveling nomad who founded and blogs at Don't Stop Living. He sees every day as an adventure. Since leaving behind his home town of Bangor in Northern Ireland ten years ago he has traveled to all seven continents, working his way through various jobs and funding it all with hard work and an appetite for travel. Don’t Stop Living, a lifestyle of travel' contains over 1,000 stories and tips from his journeys round the globe. He wants to show others how easy it is to travel the world, give them some ideas and encourage them to do the same but most of all he aims to constantly live a lifestyle of travel. He is currently based in Hong Kong and on Twitter @jonnyblair.
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