5 Top Music & Cultural Festivals in Oslo Norway This Summer

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Take a look at 5 of the top upcoming festivals in Oslo Norway:

The Inferno Festival: Now in its 12th consecutive year, the festival, which was voted as one of the 10 best in the world by the readers of Terrorizer magazine, continues to grow and is now the Norwegian metal community’s most important gathering. For four days during Easter, people are flying in from England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the USA and even India to experience extreme metal in Norway’s capital. Not that strange, since Norwegian black metal is known all over the world and is Norway’s largest music export abroad.

The Norwegian Wood Music Festival:  The festival is an annual music festival in Oslo, Norway held in Frognerbadet. The name of the festival refers to the famous Beatles song “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”. Many famous artists have appeared on the festival, including Johnny Cash, Van Morisson, Bob Dylan,Brian Wilson, The Kinks and David Bowie.

The Øya Festival: The delight of this music festival comes partly from the ability to see world famous names without the crush of a mega-festival, and from the way the acts are mixed – many different genres are represented on the three stages.

Oslo Chamber Music Festival: Oslo Chamber Music Festival presents music spanning from the Middle Ages to our own time, striving at all times to maintain high standards and a high level of interesting programmes and performers. We are proud to offer the public top quality music and the performers an attractive meeting place for some of the world’s  most distinguished musicians. Recruitment from the Norwegian chamber music scene is an important aspect of the Festival, and for that reason we put strong emphasis on including children and young people as performers and audiences. An important element of the Chamber Music Festival is to open up concert experiences by using some of the city’s historical treasures as settings for the music. Akershus Fortress was voted the most popular area in Oslo in 2005, and we are proud to have it as the pulsating heart of the Festival. When the Minister of Defence opened up the Fortress to the Festival in 1989 he emphasised the importance of bringing this historic place alive, making it accessible to the public and using it in new ways, to reunite old and new Oslo, provide a showcase for the creative arts and a window where visitors can meet Norway and its culture.

Oslo Jazz Festival: Oslo Jazz Festival was held for the first time in 1986. The festival always has an emphasis on quality and history, and you will find practically every genre represented, from ragtime to rap via main styles swing, bop and modern electric and acoustic forms. The one-week festival includes about 80 events and has built a strong reputation among performers, their agencies and audiences alike for being a warm and professionally executed festival.

Photo: Interno Festival.

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