La Feria de Abril: A little Andalucia for the Barcelona-Mix


If you’ve been looking for a time to get started on your lifelong dream of learning to “bailar sevillanas”, this is your weekend. From April 27th through the 6th of May, locals and tourists alike can hop public transport (Trambesós, bus 23 and metro L4 more information at TMB) to the Fòrum and pretend they’re in Seville at Barcelona’s version of La Fería de Abril.

Snap pictures of women in rainbow-hued ruffled dresses, watch amateurs and professionals dance sevillanas, take in a Flamenco concert, and stuff yourself with tapas and other eats from Southern Spain (pescadito frito, anyone?).

Don’t forget to loosen up with a few shots of Andalucia’s famous sherry, Fino. Just remember, Fino is cheap, fortified wine (between 1 and 5 euros in supermarkets)….and will cause the mother of all hangovers when consumed in excess.

Chris Ciolli
Chris Ciolli is a Barcelona-based writer, translator and artist with Midwestern roots. She shares her escapades as a Missourian in the world at, and writes about Barcelona from a guiri-gone-native perspective at A closet foodie and self-proclaimed art addict, Chris typically blogs about the drinks, eats and other cultural attractions she encounters on her travels. In her spare moments, she reads obsessively, slurps excessive quantities of coffee and tea, and plays with art supplies and kitchen tools. Oh, and travels as much as humanly possible.
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