Getting Oh So Distracted in Paris

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In three short days I managed to fall in love with Paris yet again.  My original goal in going to Paris was to do the two things I had never done before on my previous 3 trips to Paris – go to the Louvre and Versailles.  However,  I ended up doing neither!  I guess I got distracted – but that’s easy to do in Paris.

Instead I walked around my neighborhood I was staying in, sat at cafes, ate crepes and sipped espressos.   Plus – I had to be honest with myself – as much as I love photographing the outside of the Louvre, I’m not that interested in the art inside.  Instead I went to view the art I love – the contemporary collection at the Pompidou center.  So lest you think that I’m a complete culture-phobe – at least I did go inside a museum in Paris.

Besides museums, I also took in some cabaret and delicious decadent chocolate and French pastries.  One morning I chased the fog to the Eiffel Tower to get a shot of the tower in the clouds. And I also played metro roulette and rode a line out for a ways and then walked through neighborhoods on the outskirts of Paris.  I even ran into friends who also happened to be in Paris, so we had fun in the evenings finding little local joints to sip wine and eat cheese plates.

The three days went way too fast, but I managed to do a lot of photography – and eat a lot of chocolate and cheese.  Paris perfection.

Montmartre  Paris

Montmartre neighborhood stroll.

Eiffel Tower fog

Racing to the Eiffel Tower this morning while it was fogged in was worth it I’d say.

Pont des artes footbridge

The ‘Love Locks’ have taken over the Pont des Artes footbridge in #Paris . Of course the cynical side of me would like to do a study on how many of these locks represent failed relationships. Love…blah.

Pompidou Center Architecture

Love the architectural design of the Pompidou centre. Described as “love at second sight”. Luckily I’m staying near it in my @gowithoh apartment in #Paris – I’ll be visiting the inside tomorrow!

Hugo & Victor chocolate

No – these aren’t marbles – they are delicious filled French molded chocolates from Hugo & Victor. I have officially overdosed on chocolate on my @viatortravel tour this afternoon. We stopped at 9 chocolate houses. I’m pretty sure I’ve made it to chocolate heaven.

Louvre Pyramid

At the #Louvre again – but still never gone inside. I have too much fun playing around on the outside!

rose paris

Beautiful roses graced every table at the restaurant at the top of the Pompidou centre and no one sitting outside to enjoy them but the smokers …and me.

paris metro

Morning commute. I love riding the metro in #Paris as I think it’s one of the best local experiences you can have when you travel. Seeing how people commute in their city is fascinating to me – it’s real life.

Paris Instagram

3 days in #Paris is never enough! Had a great time walking the city, enjoying my local apartment, doing photography, eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate, seeing the Can Can, and spending time w other nomadic friends!

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