Eating Our Way Through Karlvolasi in Samos Greece


This post is about dining on the Greek island of Samos, where I have now been there three times for stays of a month or more.  I started with Mytilini, the largest of the mountain towns and also where we stayed.

This post covers Karlovasi, the second largest town on the island. It has a working harbor and nice old section up on a hill over the new town,  located on the northwest side of the island. The School of Sciences of University of the Aegean  is located in the town. It was a flourishing tannery and tobacco manufacturing centre in the early 1900s. Many magnificent neoclassical mansions can be seen from that period as well as the remains of the large stone-built factories at the “Ormos” seaside.

Dionisos is an excellent restaurant in the middle of the new town at Plateia 8is Maiou, Below you can see some of their offerings. They include: fava bean spread, sautéed field greens, grilled cheese, cheese pies, goat in tomato sauce with fries, and chilled cherries for desert.

IMG_2073  IMG_2074  IMG_2075  IMG_2076  IMG_2077  IMG_2079

We also went to a fish market where you can order fish cooked to pick up in the afternoon. You see some of the selected and the two grilled fish we enjoyed for lunch.

IMG_3586  IMG_3666  IMG_3582  IMG_3671

There is a great restaurant just outside Karlovasi in a small hill town. It is called the aristocrat in Greek. Below you can see some of their offerings. They include a salad with lemon mustard dressing, pastry with honey, stuffed onions with tomato sauce and cheese, pork stew with fries, mousakka, and pork with green beans in a lemon mustard sauce.

IMG_4639  IMG_4649  IMG_4640  IMG_4642  IMG_4643  IMG_4644  IMG_4646  IMG_4647


Bill Ives
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