Wellness Travel: Danubius Health Spa Resorts in Mariánské Lázně

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Wellness and spa travelers will likely have heard of Mariánské Lázně and its probably on their bucket list if they haven’t already been. Located outside Prague in the Bohemian countryside, it is world renowned for its abundance of natural medicinal sources with more than one hundred mineral springs within the wider vicinity of the town and around forty springs in the town itself. All these mineral springs are cold acidulous springs with temperatures between 7°C and 10°C and the springs differ in chemical composition, which obviously affects the impact it has on your body when drinking it, which btw, most of the people who go to this town, do for healing purposes. In other words, it’s part of the experience and why people show up!

You don’t need to be ill or have a medical condition to come to a spa town like this one, for there are plenty of traditional spa treatments you can experience, healthy food you can eat and serene walks you can take that will nourish your soul if you simply want to a little R&R. Meet Marienbad’s original spa experience, which is housed in the Danubius Health Spa Resort (original property) up on a hill with breathtaking views of the town below. One of the most traditional spa buildings in Mariánské Lázně, the hotel faces the town’s colonnade and lush green park, with a spa, swimming pool, restaurant and cafe on-site.  There’s 108 rooms and suites, a WiFi zone (although I managed to connect in my room), laundry service and parking spaces if you decide to rent a car.  And, the building itself is ever so majestic that you feel fabulous just entering its doors.

The thing about staying in one of the Danubius properties is that depending on what and how you book, you can access the other hotels in the Danubius group, which is a great added benefit, especially if you book for an extended stay. For example, while we stayed at the hotel known as Centralni Lazne, we were able to experience the amenities of other properties, including the mineral baths at Nove Lazne just down the street. Others in Danubius group include Maria Spa, Nvezda, Imperial, Pacifik, Butterfly, Vitava, Svoboda and Labe. Nove Lazne is probably the most luxe of the bunch and where we took an official tour and bathed in the Roman Baths.
Part of what you get from a comprehensive ‘health and wellness stay’ are complex lab tests, 24 spa treatments per week, access to qualified medical staff and specialists, health lectures, 24 hour on-call service from doctors and nurses, mineral drinking “cures” directly in all the hotels, special prevention programs for kids and more. While it was sunny and warm when we stayed there in September, you can connect to the hotels underground, avoiding the streets if you prefer privacy or if its cold outside. I tried it both ways, walking a couple of blocks down to Nove Lazne in my bathrobe and slippers (for fun) and returned to the Centralni Lazne via back hallways, which can be a bit confusing the first time around. Getting lost is part of the fun, at least if you like to explore new places that is and aren’t in a rush.
The below shots were taken of the courtyard area to the side of the hotel — flowers are abound in this pretty hillside property.
 This was the view from my bedroom balcony….

The hotel rooms at the Centralni Lazne location aren’t as decadent and luxe like as the ones at Hotel Imperial in Karlovy Vary and not as chic as Nove Lazne but they simple and classically lovely!

This is a shot taken from the fourth floor in a sitting area that lies between two sides of the hotel, each hallway leading to its own elevator.

The Health Spas (there are several, but all linked)

The largest and most original spa in the area, they have 24 treatment cabins which have original tilting from the 19th century. The building that the hotel and spa reside in today is the very same location as the original spa building from 1812. There’s also a Premier fitness center with cardio exercise, fitness and exercise equipment on the premises as well. In addition to traditional massages and more relaxing spa treatments, you can sign up for more medicinal ones, such as mineral baths, peat packs, natural dry carbon gas baths, mud treatments, electrotherapy, relaxation, acupuncture, dry carbon baths, mineral baths, on-site mineral springs, gas injections, water treatment and a host of other more intense procedures and therapies depending on your needs. 

At every hotel, Centralni Lazne included, you have a fountain for drinking the thermal waters right on the premises.  You also have access to the original Roman Baths from 1896 with three pools, a whirlpool and bubble baths as well as saunas in three different temperatures, a steam sauna and a sanarium.

About Healing Mud

Peloids are inorganic and organic pottages, which are used for compresses and wraps. They are made of peat and other mud, which can be found around the springs.  For treatments, you typically have them applied for 20-30 minutes once they have reached the  40°C. Peat wraps are used for treating locomotive system disorders, gynaecologic complaints and respiratory system disorders. Special treatments are offered in the form of peat vaginal tampons, which are used for treating chronic gynaecological inflammations and sterility in women. Yes, really. We actually visited the location that specializes in this very treatment and women apparently come from around the world with hopes of getting pregnant after a series of treatments. Below, a nurse explains the procedure to us in Czech with an English translator. (to avoid confusion, she is not working at the Danubius property but at a facility that specializes in fertility treatments).

Notice how you can walk between properties via underground hallways to go to a wellness, spa, medical or aqua facility at another Danubius property.

Oxygen Therapy @Maria Spa

We had a unique oxygen treatment at the Maria Spa, which was easily walkable from our hotel. They have a few different therapies that deal with natural dry carbon gas, which helps to improve blood circulation, kidney activity and sexual functions, in addition to having an anti-inflammatory effect. It can also be administered via an injection to reduce pain, improve localized circulation and accelerate healing. We didn’t do a treatment that intensive, because many of the more invasive procedures and therapies require a doctor’s referral.

Our group did a simple oxygen experience that involved sitting in a small area where our noses were hooked up to intranasal tubes. A little uncomfy at first, but we quickly got used to it especially as the meditative music started playing. The idea is that you inhale extra oxygen through the tube, all while relaxing in a chair. The air being inhaled is enriched with about 40-60% oxygen at a reasonable level of humidity. An increased supply of oxygen into the body enhances the immune system, improves heart activity and the elasticity of the lungs, helps improve your mind’s efficiency and is meant to be excellent for overall health. Sometimes a vitamin drink is also offered as part of the treatment, although we didn’t consume anything other than water after our oxygen therapy experience.

While we breathed in the oxygen, a video was shown against a smokey transparent screen, sharing the tradition and history of the spa, building and Marianske Lazne itself.

The Roman Baths at Nove Lazne

Who doesn’t love to soak in a bath, especially one with so much decadence and beauty around you? Romanesque statues hide in corners, the tiles are rich in all directions and there’s a touch of elegancy and luxury in the air as you make your way from room-to-room. Between relaxing lounge areas, three saunas, two hot tubs, two Roman baths, a steam room and more, there’s no shortage of things to try out here.

Other Amenities

In addition to traditional and medical spa services, there’s a cosmetic salon, hair studio and place to get those pedicures and manicures done. Restaurant Goethe offers both Czech and international cuisine, a dietary corner, buffet-style breakfasts and evening meals. They have regular dance nights or piano concerts in the lobby bar and there’s a conference center casino linked to the hotel with five function rooms that can hold 800 people. Below, my delicious caraway soup which I had at Goethe for lunch one day, followed by coconut and chocolate balls of course.

One of my favorite memories of the property (Roman Baths aside of course), was sitting outside in their adjacent cafe and watching the world go by as I sipped on my creamy cappuccino.


Danubius Health Spa Resort Centrální Lázně
Goethovo nám. 16/1, 353 43
Mariánské Lázně-Marienbad, Czech Republic
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Note: I was a guest of the hotel however all opinions expressed are entirely our own.
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