Barcelona’s Plaça Felip Neri…


A short walk from the main cathedral is my “secret square’ – the (almost always) peaceful oasis of Plaça Felip Neri.  It’s schrapnal damaged walls are a reminder of violent past.  The luxury Hotel Felip Neri has tables under the jacaranda tree, next to the fountain and is the perfect place to stop for a refreshing afternoon clara (catalán shandy)away from the bustling streets that surround it. 

UN BESO: Place Felip Neri X

Sarah Perkins
Sarah Perkins is an Australian who has lived in both Melbourne and Sydney until she left last year for Barcelona. After many years of travelling the world for work and for pleasure, she is enjoying sitting still in beautiful Barcelona, trying to learn castellano, while creating events and tours and sharing her passion and infatuation for the city in her blog 'Barcelona Besotted'.
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