Staying Healthy While You’re On the Road

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FoodinSingapore 249x167 How Not To Get Ill Whilst Abroad

FoodinSingapore How Not To Get Ill Whilst Abroad

Travel is fun until you get sick, and that’s when it all gets a little bit complicated. The issue is that no one is immune to accidental illness whilst abroad, because our immune systems aren’t necessarily used to the bugs and viruses that spread across different nations.

Let’s face it, the likelihood of us catching a cold in our own country is high — abroad it’s practically a guarantee. There are ways to prevent yourself from getting sick though. So do yourself a favour, and one night when you’d usually be playing Partypoker, do some research into the country you plan to visit.


It is a good idea to check with your doctor if all of your vaccinations are up to date before you leave the country. You are more prone to catching something potentially dangerous abroad because you are out of your comfort zone. You should also research whether you’d require additional vaccination for certain countries.


It isn’t wise to drink the local water when you head abroad. Many countries across Europe and Asia do not have the same facilities to purify their water like the US or the UK. And while it doesn’t hurt the locals to brush their teeth or swallow the water from the tap, your immune system won’t be used to it like theirs. Only drink and brush your teeth using bottled water.


Have you ever considered eating at the hotel, instead of going out for food? Normally in the tourist areas, it is perfectly safe to eat the food in the restaurants, because they are used to catering for foreigners. However in some areas you could get sick from the food served. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because it is a chain restaurant. It will be safe. Often the most well known food places, are the potential hazard in other countries.

Follow these three basic rules, make sure you have travel insurance, and enjoy your travels.

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