Secret Wellness Travel Spots for Peace of Mind

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Spoga studio

More resorts and destinations are introducing new styles of Yoga that combine unique programming to create a customized “fusion” workout. From Spoga (spin + yoga) to KaYoga (Kayak + Yoga), hybrid versions are emerging that offer different incentives every type of yogi aficionado. Here are three top picks for unique new yoga vacations.

Spinning + Yoga = Spoga

Where: The BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia

Spoga, an invigorating 30 minutes cycling session followed by 30 minutes of yoga, is now being offered at The BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia’s premier all-inclusive health and wellness resort. Spin your way through an invigorating cycling session at the resort’s new sky-high Tree House spin studio before taking your mat to the Zen Deck, the patio located on the studio’s rooftop, to stretch and soothe your body. The deep breathing and relaxation of Yoga is a perfect match to the high intensity calorie-burning spin session. The workout offers a perfect combination of cardio, strength training and stretching, all while taking in stunning views of the blue Caribbean Sea. Classes are included in the all-inclusive rate.

KaYoga experience

Kayaking + Yoga = KaYoga

Where: Sea Island, Georgia (seaisland dot com) and St. Petersburg, Florida (

St. Petersburg, Florida, is home to many things – 361 days of sunshine, spring training and… KaYoga! KaYoga, the hottest new exercise craze to hit Florida’s award-winning beaches and waterways, combines kayaking and yoga to create an invigorating, fun workout. Instructors of KaYoga lead kayaking groups to secluded barrier islands where they unwind with gentle, relaxing Hatha yoga on the beach. Local yoga and fitness expert Tim Ganley created KaYoga as a way to combine exercise while enjoying the natural environment and beautiful scenery of St. Petersburg. The experience begins with 45 minutes of kayaking where participants may encounter dolphins, birds and other wildlife. Once groups arrive to the deserted island, they will participate in an hour-long yoga class and then kayak back. Classes are approximately three hours from start to finish and cost $60/person.

Sea Island, a luxury coastal property, also offers the special workout, giving guests a unique way to wake up and unwind. Re-connect with the environment during the serene and stimulating two-hour kayak and yoga experience. Available every Wednesday at 9am, guests can immerse in the natural beauty of Sea Island waterways paddling out to a picturesque beach to enjoy 60 minutes of inspiring Vinyasa flow yoga. Classes are $95 per person.

Laughing yoga at Sun Island Resorts

Laughing + Yoga = Laughing Yoga

Where: Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai (sunislandclub dot com)

Eat, Pray, Laugh! Travelers looking for a serene mental getaway to escape the rigors of everyday life will love Laughter Yoga. A new revolution in body-mind medicine, Laughter Yoga combines simple laughter exercises with gentle yoga breathing to enhance healing and happiness. The Sun Island Resort, a breathtaking Wellness Resort situated on the only natural island in Shanghai, offers the class every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 – 11am. After one session, guests will experience all of the health benefits that laughter brings! Classes are included in the rate.

Top photo: Spoga studio at The BodyHoliday

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