Saint Lucia’s Hotel Chocolat For a Whole Lotta Flavor

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Cocoa is one of Saint Lucia’s most important crops and is a major part of its history, dating back to the 1700s when the industry was flourishing. Visitors to the island can experience this delicious piece of Saint Lucian heritage through plantation tours, chocolate-inspired menus, ambrosial workshops, sweet spa treatments and more, especially at the aptly-named Hotel Chocolat. To ensure a decadent time exploring Saint Lucia chocolate, try some of these immersive cocoa experiences at Hotel Chocolat.

Tree-To-Bar Experience At Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

Boucan Restaurant by Hotel Chocolat has been spearheading a campaign to revitalize the island’s cocoa industry. In fact, they’re part of the Engaged Ethics Cocoa Program and have also hired over 140 farmers on Saint Lucia to help stimulate the industry. At Hotel Chocolat, guests can enjoy chocolate-infused cuisine, indulge in sweet spa treatments and take part in their “Tree-To-Bar” Experience. During the tour, which is $65, guests will explore the estate groves, picking the perfect cocoa pod to create their own chocolate bars and truffles. Roast your own beans to perfection while learning the art of chocolate making.

Indulge In A Chocolate-Inspired Spa Treatment

At the hotel’s CocoaJuvenate Spa they use “NanoCacao”, a finely ground cocoa from the Rabot Estate in the Cacao Facial, the Cacao Massage and the Cacao Body Exfoliate.

Add Some Cacao To Your Meal

Chocolate is not just for dessert anymore. Chefs around the island are finding innovative ways to add the sweet treat to savory dishes, as well. Not only does this add a unique flavor to the dishes, it also adds health benefits to the meal like heart-healthy antioxidants and increased serotonin. For example, Boucan Restaurant by Hotel Chocolat folds cocoa into the entire dining experience, from putting cocoa grinders next to salt and pepper shakers to creating menu items like Cacao Gazpacho and Tomato, cacao-infused chilli and Cacao Ravioli.

Follow The Chocolate Heritage Trail

Launched in November 2012 by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, visitors can now make use of an interactive Chocolate Heritage Trail map on Facebook. The map highlights chocolate sites, experiences and history through pop-up technology, allowing for a sweet experience on Saint Lucia.

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