‘Qsine’, The New Food Concept on Celebrity Eclipse

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Jacques Van Staden is the VP of Culinary Operations for Celebrity Solstice, Equinox, and the soon to be named Eclipse. I am not sure where he was born, but I’m guessing Australia, because what he is doing on Eclipse is upside down. It is called “Qsine.”

He explains it this way, “Qsine is designed to offer a globally-influenced blend of nostalgic and contemporary favorites, artfully presented with elements of surprise.”

I explain it this way: Visualize an Upside Down Cake right side up.
Among the selections are spring rolls nestled in vertical springs, “Sushi Lollipops” (Nigiri sushi with soy center, wasabi mayonnaise and pickled ginger-radish salad), “Meatball Trilogy” (Kobe beef with cheddar and marinara sauce; veal with mushrooms and marsala sauce; and turkey with cranberry and sage gravy), “Chitinis” (Chinese selections served in martini glasses), “Tresviche” (tiger shrimp and bay scallops with lemon juice, tequila, cilantro, tomatoes and jalapeno oil), “Popcorn Fish & Chips.”

(Boddington’s-battered codfish and chips served with malt vinegar or aioli), “Slider Party” (mini-grilled Kobe beef patties with aged Wisconsin cheddar served on brioche buns with “Qsine’s original slider sauce” and garnishes), “Taco Royale” (Black Angus sirloin steak, homemade taco shells, caramelized onion-poblano, and do-it-yourself fresh guacamole, with a stone mortar and pestle), and “Lava Crab” (Alaskan King crab, sweet yellow corn and scallions with Hataifi and Old Bay sauce, served in glasses over heated red stones). What, no spaghetti?

Want to order, well try it. Qsine’s menu is a large, back-lit square filled with words and phrases. I’m not sure what happens when you push something, but if it’s anything like my new Nexus One cell phone, it could take me a week to order.

I’m sure it will all come clear when I try it April 25th when I am on board with Avid Cruiser editor Ralph Grizzle. The two of us have a history of dining together on cruise ships.

The price for this extravaganza is 00.03$. Oops, that was backwards, it’s $30.00. But I did find a photo of the new house of Jacques Van Staden being built.


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