Carnival Dream; That’s A Wrap

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Carnival scores with Dream.


First off the Internet on Dream is very fast, and the price is right. The top package comes to 33 cents a minute. The service both from room stewards, waiters, and 24 hour room service is prompt and friendly. One note about room service, a tip (I’m sorry, gratuity) is suggested. This is the one area where friendliness was lacking, even though “gratuitied”.

The purser’s desk works hard to please not only with a great attitude, but they know what they’re doing. When I needed Saran Wrap for my Flip video cam, Katerina, literally ran from the desk and disappeared. Minutes later, she came bustling back, wrap in hand. That kind of service from the main desk is seldom found.

It turns out, including kids, we had 4300 passengers, and yet lines at buffets were never a problem. Dream appeals to families and children love it. Dream even offers special family cabins.

When you go to the Lido buffet, go through to the second area. Most people stop at the first, and the second is always less crowded. Continue on to the rear deck and you’ll find the Deli open 11 AM to 11 PM. Also, Tandoori Station with a small Indian buffet. 24 hour pizza and ice cream top it all off. You might not find the pasta station. It’s upstairs off the Gathering (lido food area) and serves what you want as you like it.

One thing I found strange was the difficulty in making eye contact when passing fellow passengers. I pride myself on getting a return smile when I go by another person. Most times that didn’t happen, as a matter of fact, people would walk right at me without seeming to have any indication that there was a live person in their way. Then I got it. Most of the passengers were New Yorkers, many of them from NYC and that’s the way you walk on the NYC sidewalks; completely disconnected.

Remember it is Carnival, so cabin amenities are less than moderate, but the robes are luxurious. AND, the closets have lots of room and light.

Dream’s big screen on the pool area is always showing something from the cocktail making contest to National Geographic films. On the last day as I was planning my dash to LGA, I saw this:


Debarkation hint:

Tags with the numbers 2 through 37 are distributed. The lower the number the sooner you get off the boat. To get off first, carry your own luggage and go with the “unassisted” group. Next best thing is to get a low number from the Purser’s desk. Don’t wait to have one distributed to your cabin. I had number five which for some reason went after 2. the #5 bags were grouped with the #7 bags. There were over 200 bags to sort through to find mine. Today I bought an electronic gizmo that when you press it your bag beeps.

Congratulations to Carnival. Their largest ship may well be their best. She says goodbye to NY


and is now doing the Caribbean. As for me at the moment:


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