Festival Telik Jailolo Spices Things Up In Indonesia With Island Treasures

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East Indonesian culture is being celebrated this May 16th-18th via Festival Telik Jailolo.  This annual cultural festival is on its 5th year and takes place in Jailolo, West Halmahera, and its purpose is to allow people to witness the richness of East Indonesia’s culture.

The festival is put on by the Tourism Department of West Halmahera.  The purpose behind sharing the culture annual is to promote the local scene on a bigger scale.  With everything from tourism, natural resources, culture, and of course local business in the area of Jailolo included.

The festival will allow those with an interest to explore deep into West Halmahera’s beauty, natural habitat, and culture.  Indulging in their world of spices is one aspect of their culture, and events such as the spice parade, spice expo, and strolling through spice gardens will be encouraged.  Appreciating the areas natural beauty will be enjoyed via a fishing contest, swimming contest, rowing contest, fun diving, replanting corrals, and witnessing sea rituals.


And certainly last but not least, there will be a cultural party along the beach to feast on traditional cuisine with locals and grilling 10 tons of fishes!


Teluk Jailolo Festival 2013’s theme is The Treasure of Golden Spice Islands and will be embraced with an art performance at the festival.


Photo Credit: festivaltelukjailolo2013.com

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