Nigeria’s Obadan: Danfo Driva in Mint Condition

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Danfo Driva in Mint Condition – Ibadan, Nigeria.

Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw is known to be a hyper-active, hyper-critical creative wanderer. Working as a writer, director and producer, she dropped it all for a year of volunteer work and documentary filmmaking in Nigeria. Her blog captures her tales from around the globe and back again and focuses on that curious, interesting, unexplainable, questionable, magical, remarkable, fantastical, disturbing, enticing, or dubious thing that happens when you travel and you ask yourself... WHY MONKEY?
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One Response to Nigeria’s Obadan: Danfo Driva in Mint Condition

  1. kenny December 27, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    O My God! pleace make Nigeria a place to live fine, why almost everything are dificult in this country? No good job, where are the politicians of this nation? what are they doing?……..

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