Majingilane Tsalala Lion Cubs Discovered


TSALALa Cubs at Londolozi

The Majingilane males had caused havoc. After killing one of the Southern Pride young males they had run north and scattered the Tsalala lionesses and the four older cubs who were with them. The two lionesses and two cubs regrouped, however the remaining two were nowhere to be found.

We had not seen the Tsalala lions in a few days and were all but convinced that the death of the 2 missing cubs was inevitable.

So when we found tracks of the females on their hunt, we excitedly followed, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lionesses and see how they were faring.

When the tracks started to go back towards the Manyeleti River, clearly without success in hunting, we were a little disappointed but decided to check one final area.



One of the missing Tsalala Pride cubs by Talley Smith 

One of the missing Tsalala Pride cubs by Talley Smith

On the eastern bank of the Manyeleti River, as we neared the ridge, little ears started to appear on the horizon… it wasn’t the females, but the older cubs! And all four together, coming to investigate the morning excitement.

The Tsalala Pride Cubs by Talley Smith 

The Tsalala Pride Cubs by Talley Smith

Thrilled at the reappearance of the lost two little ones, we had a brief look to make sure they were all healthy. We know they still face many further challenges, but for now we are relieved to know that they are alive and reunited with their mother and two siblings.

All four of the Tsalala Pride cubs together again by Talley Smith 

All four of the Tsalala Pride cubs together again by Talley Smith

We are still waiting for our first proper glimpse of the brand new cubs from the other Tsalala lioness. We have heard them vocalising in the thick wild date, riverine bushveld, however it is for them to decide when they are ready for us to see them.

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