It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Botswana


Please feel free to check out our guest post today for Orbitz called “Botswana: An affordable, World Cup alternative.” In addition to travel tips on exploring this beautiful country, we also discussed some of the great measures Botswana is taking to reduce energy use and protect its natural resources.

Here is a brief excerpt: “In addition to dynamic efforts to conserve water on this landlocked country, they [Botswana] are instituting basic measure to reduce waste. For example, all the electrical outlets — from the cities to the countryside — come with an on/off switch (so there’s no need to unplug everything). While this switch might sound simple, its something rarely seen in the United States. Most importantly, people really use them, and all electronics from televisions to alarm clocks are programmed to withstand these power shifts so they don’t have to be reset when the power is turned back on. Another example is how they are making it very costly to waste plastic bags by implementing a surprisingly high (by local stands) national fee of their use or purchase. As a result, people bring their own bags to the grocery or use no bag at all…”

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Bernard Pollack
Bernard Pollack, an expert on local labor movements and communications, is currently traveling across the continent of Africa with his partner Danielle Nierenberg, meeting with farmers, community organizers, labor activists/leaders, non-governmental organization (NGOs), the funding and donor communities, and others.

His travel writing from Africa has recently been featured in the Montreal Gazette, the NC News Observer, the Omaha World-Herald, and the Des Moines Register.

He holds an M.A. in Political Management from The George Washington University School of Political Management and a B.A. from the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University.
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