By a Country Smile, Part 5


I know I’m a bit early for Women’s Day (August 8th) but I want to share something I just read in our local community newspaper, the Stanford River Talk, edited by Michelle Hardie.

Two things. Two quotes.

“It is a wonderful advantage to a man, in every pursuit or avocation, to secure an advisor in a sensible woman. In a woman there is at once a delicacy of tact and a plain soundness of judgement which are rarely combined in an equal degree in a man. A woman, if she really be your friend, will have a sensitive regard for your character, honour, repute. She will seldom councel (sic) you to do a shabby thing; for a woman friend always desires to be proud of you.”The Earl of Lytton (1831-1891).

The Earl of Lytton: a sharp dude

Let’s say there’s a meeting… If the chairperson is a man and he is dealing with a tough case, he’ll say ‘Let’s finish this matter at our next meeting’. The reason is simple; he wants to go and ask his wife’s advice! Viva Women’s Day!” – Aron Gcotyelwa, Stanford resident.

That is all.

Fred Hatman
Fred Hatman (AKA Howard Donaldson) knew he wanted to be newspaper journalist at age 13. He has worked as a reporter and sub-editor for the Daily News and Cape Times, both based in South Africa and Wimbledon News, Today, London Daily News, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mirror, all based in London .
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