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A Place Called Ooty

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Early last week I spent a few nights in the rural Tamil Nadu town of Ooty. There’s a horse racetrack in the town center and quiet villages in the surrounding hills. In a very small...
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Kitchen Policy: No Shoes

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[Note: This is an older post written on 18 Feb in Jaipur]On Station Road (below) the busiest restaurants serve the Rajasthani specialty, Dal Batte Churma.The Dal portion of dal batte churma is of course the...
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The Karni Mata Temple

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This temple near Bikaner, Rajasthan is literally crawling with rats.I asked this man why he faced the rats instead of the goddess on the shrine, and he said simply to be closer to the holy...
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Bullfight in Jambiani

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I leave Uganda tomorrow, traveling through Nairobi and Doha, Qatar, and will be back in India early the next morning. Below is another saved post about our stay in Jambiani, the small beach town on Zanzibar's...
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The Water Queue

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One of Zanzibar's few churches (above) and the architecture of Stone Town (below).Arrived in Jambiani, a very small one-street town on Zanzibar’s eastern side, and rented a small cottage with attached kitchenette. It was twenty...
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