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You’ve probably noticed that we’re starting to do a lot more with Fashion at We Blog the World and part of that is due to the fact that we see an increasing need for identifying and curating products, gear, clothing, shoes and beauty products that are both functional but also stylish, elegant and chic. Ever notice how hard it is to find functional and gorgeous in one outfit? Or a pair of shoes? Or active wear? You’ll start to see more active wear from us in the coming weeks and months and as part of our ramping up of our style and wear coverage, we’re diving into the world of swim suits.

In our research, we came across SAUVAGE swimwear! There’s one word to start things off: WOW!! Here’s what blew me away about their site and their approach to swimwear even before we got suits in hand. They tout themselves as designers of luxury swimwear, active wear, and accessories for men and women. They’re certainly not new to the market, having been around since 1985, but what they are when compared to so many other brands at the same price point, is fresh, elegant and chic. For some of their offerings, there’s an artistic flare as well, like the stunning one piece number below.

While the model makes the suit look fabulous, what I love about their line is that they have so many choices that will look equally well on a forty something year old woman as it would on a twenty something year old. If you have a few pounds on you and are looking at the below number and wondering where you would hide it all, let me elaborate. While the suits we have in tow to review are all two pieces, and certainly they have a number of skimpy suits I would have LOVED to prance around in in my twenties, they have a variety of suits that offer more coverage than many luxury swimwear lines we’ve been looking at…

They also offer some fabulous cover-ups which are nothing short of elegant and feminine. When a swimwear line specializes in the only over 30 or only over 40 age range, I find that the options are a little more classic, and a whole lot less fun. It’s as if feminine, romantic and sexy were removed from the design, as if you’re slightly overweight or no longer a 25 year old size two, those words are no longer for you.

Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch we fell in love with from the woman’s line. The below Mon Cheri Bikini in Navy is a standout. It provides great coverage for a bikini regardless of what shape you’re in and it comes in a fun Turquoise as well.

The Spider Bikini in Jade….it also comes in a gorgeous electric blue (my favorite but they were out of stock) and black.

Loved this number and I wore it several times on a recent trip to the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain — for lounging around at the pool, in the hot tub with the flowing water fall and of course, the water slide. It held up again and again and was incredibly comfy throughout.

The Rosa D’Oro Buckle Bikini in Black also comes in a Coral and a Hawaii color, which is a pretty light turquoise blue.

Sadly, I couldn’t do the above suit justice compared to the stunning model, but let’s just say I found this piece elegant and wore it while lounging around on a luxurious Ritz Carlton day bed with magazine and cocktail in hand. Below, the above bikini on a more average sized forty something year old. :-) It’s a fabulous suit!

Ones we didn’t get in, but are so worth sharing include the Amore Pushup in Coral.

If you have nothing to hide and want a taste of something totally sexy and fabulously wonderful, how’s this Asymmetrical Chain Black Bikini? LOVE IT!

OR, this fabulous Bali Blue Pearls number?

While swimwear and cover-ups are their main set of offerings, they also have several “to-die-for” dresses we fell in love with. This Turquoise Silk Caftan comes in a couple of other rich colors as well — t’was so hard to decide, but we opted for turquoise as it fits more in line with travel. And, it’s a stunning color that just blends so well with a natural environment.

Below, I am wearing the above cover-up at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain in Arizona on a hot July afternoon. I LOVE this piece! It’s also so soft and comfortable I didn’t want to take it off.

We also had fun playing in the desert nearby the resort.

They have more tailored dresses and cover-ups as well. Take a look at this beautiful Bardot French Lace Dress!

How cute is this Canary Yellow Silk Tunic?

We fell in love with this Goddess Caftan, which could be worn as a casual summer dress, on the beach or as a swim suit cover up. It comes in cream, teal, yellow and coral. I had a hard time deciding between this one and the Turquoise Silk Caftan pictured above.

Sauvage offers as many fabulous choices for men as it does for women. Our favorite two include the Hunter Surf Short (below) and the Underwater Board Short (a fun mixed blue surf and white motif). Here’s what we loved most – the wide range of fabric and style choices (for both genders). The material for the men’s shorts is soft, yet durable and fairly true to size, which isn’t always the case with clothing we test out. They really focus on beautiful styles while keeping things functional, which is a must for any avid traveler.

We haven’t had time to put the above shorts through a bunch of washing cycles or in and out of pools for weeks on end, however I have worn two of the Sauvage suits on six occasions so far and they have held up well under a lot of pool and hot tub time as well as salt water from a salt water pool and ocean. We wanted to get this review up while there was still some summer left, although for the serial travelers out there, no doubt, you have plenty of hot weather trips planned well into the Fall and Winter where you can use a new suit or two. They have far too many choices for you to only order one!

A few other great shots of male shorts from their site to give you an idea of their breadth and depth of range.  Their shorts range from traditional and classic to artistic, Hawaiian, au flare and chic. And, there’s no shortage of sexy models on their site showing off their latest and greatest.

For more information and to order any of these fabulous suits or a host of others they have on offer, visit their site at: We are huge fans and absolutely love the quality, the designs, the choice of colors and their incredibly gracious team. Two thumbs up!



Note: they sent us some suits to test out but all opinions I can assure you are entirely my own.

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