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ClearVision Optical, the global distributor of nearly a dozen eyewear brands sold in 40 countries worldwide, came out with Aspire Eyewear last year. Aspire is no ordinary line of eyewear as you’ll see shortly and we thought this line would be a godsend for avid travelers.

Why? They have developed a brilliant way to make stylish and light weight glasses that feel as if they’re “barely there,” but with frames that are lighter, thinner, stronger and most importantly, more pliable than anything previously launched in this market.

Strong, flexible and pliable are ideal features for travelers and mobile warriors and yet many of us know that most glasses easily break when we’re on the move. How many of you have had your glasses fall off our face in a busy urban city where you’re touring?

We’ve all been there, having to get a new pair of glasses in a foreign country because the ones we have with us break. Meet the Aspire line, which makes chic and fun sunglasses and eyeglasses in a myriad of colors and styles, all with their own personality. Yes, really! They even have names for those personalities.

We love color over here, but not bright brash primary colors or neon shades — we strive to find brands that shout elegance and sophistication while still being fun on the surface, all while not compromising durability and quality.  Aspire Eyewear is created with SDN-4, a specially designed nylon material proprietary to the brand and the cutting-edge design for the label was made possible through the use of advanced 3-D printing capabilities, reducing prototype lead time from two months to 20 minutes in some cases.

Additionally, they invested in developing the SDN-4 technology and advanced 3-D printing capabilities. Designed for the manufacture of extremely lightweight eyewear with exceptional thinness, the hypoallergenic SDN-4 material also offers shape memory, is heat resistant, and will not fade in UV exposure, which is another important factor for travelers. Using customized SDN-4 sheet material, Aspire frames are not injected, but created with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to produce unique shapes and color possibilities and as you’ll see below, they didn’t short change their customers with design and color choices! Have a look!


Aspire Eyewear also features a proprietary anti-slip nose pad system that does not leave a mark on your nose (THANK YOU!) and a revolutionary seamless hinge, eliminating the need to replace screws in eyewear (THANK YOU AGAIN — I have great close-up vision and having to deal with tiny screw replacements is a pain).

It’s easy to choose a style that best fits your needs and personality — in fact, each of their glasses, as noted above, has their own personality. For example, you simply click on a design that appeals to you on their site and it will give you color options to choose from. The Aspire Unique style below is shown in Blue Fade, although you’ll see a drop down menu that gives you more choices.

Below the glasses, you’ll note that there’s additional information — this is to ensure they provide you with the closest and most comfortable fit when they design them, especially for you.

The Aspire Famous style comes in sunglasses and is a little bolder, offering black fade, purple fade and wine fade (pictured below) as options.




Each of the 36 frames and 5 temple designs in the collection are detachable, giving you the opportunity to further personalize your own eyewear.  I love the idea of their glasses having personalities because it’s something you can resonate with and identify with immediately. Drum roll please……the 12  “personalities” from Aspire include:

  • Creative—Show off the inner art director through a classic silhouette with serious contrast at the temples. Two variations feature fade coloration on the frame.
  • Dedicated—This silhouette is committed to style. The frame offers a bold rectangle eye shape. Pierced temples enhance the airiness the frame.
  • Expressive—Communicates a new classic with an uplifting square eye shape, fade colorations, and tonal temples.
  • Memorable—This butterfly eye shape makes an unforgettable statement. Stainless steel temples feature an open pierced design, providing additional lightness to the frame.
  • Outstanding—Pops with an oval eye shape and wide outer rim. Its thin, pierced stainless steel temples enhance the crisp coloration and add contrast to its frame front.
  • Unique—Transcends the ordinary with an uplifting, soft square eye shape and beautifully pierced stainless steel temples.
  • Connected—Hooks the wearer up with a deeper version of this classic eye shape. Tonal temples feature a sleek curve.
  • Free—This frame offers a liberating rectangular eye shape in a smaller size and architecturally inspired pierced temples.
  • Independent—Offers confident styling for this classic eye shape in colorfully captivating fronts and high-contrast temples constructed of TR-90.
  • Powerful—Features deep curves and a heavy square eye shape in robust trend fade colorations. The wider outer rim transitions to stainless steel temples.
  • Special—Is an off-beat variation of a vintage rectangle eye shape in classic colors with a modern twist in contrasting TR-90 temples.
  • Stylish—Offers a flattering version of an on-trend square eye shape that‟s deep enough to accommodate a progressive lens, and intense ombre frame colorations. Sleek stainless steel temples offer a slight curve.
What else is cool about their order process is how you can view them — by color or collection for example! The UI on their website is easy-to-use, making it a fun process to order your glasses online.
To give you an idea of the diversity of their eyeglass offerings, we decided to share a few of our favorites with you (including our fave color choices). The ASPIRE DEDICATED model comes in blue, brown and wine (light blue is pictured below, which we think is a unique combination of artistic and feminine).
Their LEGENDARY SUNGLASSES comes in black, blue and brown, the latter is the option I settled on. Note that we haven’t had a chance to really test out the sunglasses yet since we’re in the dead of winter, but we’re excited to give them a trial run as soon as the spring months deliver us some sunshine.
How’s this model for chic, artistic, creative and classic all wrapped into one? The ASPIRE OUTSTANDING comes in eggplant fade, aqua blue and black. I went for eggplant which is more of a muted purple and absolutely beautiful. We tested this model out and the DEDICATED glasses on two coasts over the last couple of weeks. From cold temperatures in upstate New York and Connecticut to northern California, I used these for long distant walks, driving and movies. I used them for sporting activities as well.
The main thing I noticed about this unique line is how light they were and more importantly, how secure they sit on your nose, all without leaving one of those indentations that all of us hate so much, by the time we take them off. These gems were comfortable, durable and stylish, a rare combination in prescription glasses. Bravo bravo – two thumbs up!
If you want to make a statement while on the road but also want your eyewear of choice to be light, easy-to-transport and durable, then give ASPIRE a try.


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