Mac Book Pro for Great Video Editing on the Road


I’m approaching my one year anniversary of owning a MacBook, and I’m incredibly happy with the service it has given me.

I still have my HP laptop on my work desk as the day-to-day machine, but the MacBook Pro 13 has been the tool I’ve used when travelling, when away covering events such as SXSW and Eurovision, and for a decent amount of use around the house as well. But last July the MacBook Pro had one main goal to fulfil – and I’m glad to say that no matter how much fun I am having with other areas, the primary role is a success.

That role is video editing.

Once I sat down with a bit of paper to list what I would need in any new machine, it was clear after Eurovision 2012 that I needed to be able to edit video myself competently. I had some PC tools, but they simply weren’t good enough. An Apple refurb MacBook Pro came in at a reasonable cost, and it had iMovie bundled with it.  I was able to define what I needed, I was able to match that up with the capabilities and software on offer, and I’ve never looked back.

So a simple thought for today. Stop. Think. And choose the right tool for your needs, on and off the road.

Ewan Spence
Ewan Spence is a blogger, author and writer based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to his own blog, he has contributed and contributes to BBC News, BBC Magazine (online), The Stage (UK Arts and Entertainment Newspaper), Computing (VNU), iProng Magazine, IT Pro, O’Reilly’s Make Magazine, Palmtop Magazine, Podcast User Magazine, UK Tech and UK Mobile Blognation, PDA Essentials, Mobile Messaging 2.0 and All About Symbian.

He wrote the book Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS and has audio program commissions for BBC Radio 5 Live – Through the Night and Pods and Blogs, Computer Outlook Talk Radio Show and Talk 107. He also regularly speaks at and moderates panels at high profile technology conferences around the world.
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