Guidestock: An App for Travelers and City Walk Lovers



Guidestock – an easy-to-use application for travelers and city walk lovers that provides the opportunity to interact with city sights. Users can also earn money for sharing their unique travel experiences, by recording and publishing audio tour guide.


Guidestock is looking to create a new way of interacting with a city and its sights through a cell phone application based on augmented reality. A combination of GPS navigation, guides recorded by real travelers and photos of city sights give you the experience of having visited a place. There is also an opportunity to record your own travel experiences using either web or app toolkit to create your own guide, which you can share with your friends by embedding it in your blog. Also, tours published inside the app can earn their creators money through a variety of royalty schemes.


Anyone who travels can relate to carry a big bag that fits your notebook or journal, printed guidebook, map and cell phone.  The goal of the Guidestock app and product is to eliminate the clutter and create something that functions all in one.  While the product and app has yet to fully launch, they are collecting travel in put and guides to build their library and work towards providing travelers with a great and useful app.

Brook Bentley
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