4 Romantic Brooklyn Cafes Worth a Visit


Most tourists come to NYC to see Times Square, Wall Street, and other famous hot spots. If they’re looking for romantic places to go they might take a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park, or go to a trendy restaurant, or buy something extra special at Tiffany’s. But what they don’t realize is that there are many places in Brooklyn that are just as beautiful, and possibly even more romantic.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, boating in Prospect Park, and strolling along the Brooklyn Promenade are just a few lovely things to do when you’re visiting NY. But our borough’s biggest secret is that we quite possibly have some of the world’s most romantic places to dine hidden on the other side of our famous bridge.


Here are some of my favorites.

Fushimi Modern Japanese Cuisine & Lounge

Fushimi is a stunning place visually. From the moment you enter the circular door surrounded by LED lights and walk into the enormous bar at the entrance, you’re transported to another land at another time. You expect the food to be good, but until you taste the rock lobster or absolutely any of the sushi rolls, you’ll agree that the pricey menu is worth it. There’s no way I could stay mad at a man who brings me here. Even the damn bathroom is amazing. You’ll feel like you’ve arrived on the Japanese Star Ship Enterprise. Huge orchids, bold red and black decor, and magnificent lighting make you forget the past as you sit back to enjoy the scrumptious delicacies that will make anyone have temporary amnesia.

Fushimi Modern Japanese Cuisine & Lounge

475 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, New York

(718) 963-2555


River Cafe

My favorite restaurant on the planet has been voted one of the top 10 most romantic restaurants in the world in many publications, and if you dine here once, you’ll agree. At The River Cafe under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, every table has a view of the Manhattan skyline through floor to ceiling windows that line the entire side of the building. It’s stunning.

The seduction actually begins before you step inside and get fawned all over by waiters who know that 20% of the astronomical bill you’ll receive at the end of the evening is going to be a lovely sum.

Taking selfies outside is almost as delightful as enjoying the decadent meal while getting amazing shots of the city skyline from your seat. I actually prefer the lush greenery and gardens full of tiny, flickering fairy lights over the stunning views of the city. I know, I live here, so perhaps I’m a bit jaded, but once you arrive here the magic will capture you, too.

Inhale a dish of sauteed Foie Gras simmered in a strawberry and caramelized spring onion crepe with toasted pistachios. Close your eyes and enjoy an orgy of flavors and textures that’ll dance the tango on your tongue. Whether you crave lobster, wild shrimp, rabbit or duck, or you have a more traditional palette and prefer chicken or steak, the chef will create a unique dish that’s sure to please you.


Whatever you order for an entree, be sure to have the sculpted, sinful, chocolate Brooklyn Bridge replica for desert. The sweet, tangy raspberry sauce makes it a perfect work of art, and you almost can’t eat it it’s so pretty. But just take a picture and you’ll get over your hesitation real quick.

River Cafe

1 Water Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY

The Chocolate Room

Is there a woman who doesn’t like chocolate? This charming cafe has two Brooklyn locations that offer a decadent assortment of desserts but my favorite is the one on Court Street because it’s next door to an old, romantic cinema.

Who can resist a thick, creamy black bottom pudding with bittersweet chocolate layered between a creamy butterscotch custard, topped with fresh coconut whipped cream? The hot chocolate, either the regular or the spicy option, is to die for. Skip the flowers. Bring your date here instead.

The Chocolate Room

51 5th Ave, New York, NY

(718) 783-290


le Boudoir

Le Boudoir, a sexy lounge modeled after Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, is the perfect place to go if you fantasize about being transported back in time where opulence and sensuality were linked. Crushed red velvet, soft candlelight, gilded mirrors, and erotic paintings of nude women lounging around could help. But make sure you request the secret, sunken room in the rear. It’s private, so feel free to steal a kiss before the waitress brings back your enormous, potent drinks. Try the guillotine if you dare.

le Boudoir

135 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, NY




Have you ever melted after your partner took you to a fancy, romantic restaurant? Whether their motive was to get you to forgive them for bad behavior, or perhaps a ploy to get you to give up the goods, or they were simply trying to impress you; did it work? Where did they take you?

Have you ever caved in after a decadent duck dinner? (Oh, right, it’s just me. I’m the only one.)

Tell us your story.

Where are your favorite restaurants?

April Hope
As a child, April dreamed of traveling around the world after reading books like Around the World in 80 Days and watching movies like Casablanca and The African Queen. On her first trip abroad, she got engaged on Valentine's Day, so romance and travel was inexplicably linked for her. After a passionate long distance relationship, she had a fairytale wedding in London. She explored Europe and Africa on a one year honeymoon before settling in the U.S.

Although now divorced, she's still a hopeless romantic and believes that you never know where you might meet your soul-mate. Whether you want to add romance to your relationship through adventure and travel, you're in a long distance relationship looking for dating or travel tips and tricks, or you're a solo traveler looking for love, April is dedicated to helping you make your travel fantasies a reality. She's an industry expert with a passion for sharing stories of romance, wanderlust and adventure.

When home in NYC she also works as a writing coach and has led the Women's Writing Workshop for over 15 years. You can find stories and articles by her and other insatiable travel lovers at www.LoveLustorBust.com.
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