From North To South, A Vibrantly Colorful European Escapade


The end of a trip is always a bittersweet reality to face, even if you have another trip starting immediately afterwards. The more I travel, the less it becomes about the places I see and the things I do, and the more about the emotions I experience and the people I meet, which are incapable of being duplicated.

What better way, then, to commemorate this feeling than with photos that not only capture my rapidly-changing geography, or for better or worse, my state of mind and heart? Here are some European highlights.


Robert Schrader
Robert Schrader is a travel writer and photographer who's been roaming the world independently since 2005, writing for publications such as "CNNGo" and "Shanghaiist" along the way. His blog, Leave Your Daily Hell, provides a mix of travel advice, destination guides and personal essays covering the more esoteric aspects of life as a traveler.
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