The Mountains Outside of Morroco’s Marrakesh

Looking for a romantic date in Marrakesh? Morroco is one of the most beautiful places in the world with its stunning sunsets, camel treks in the desert, and charming cafes with French and Moroccan traditional dishes.
But, if you’re tired of the crowds and the tourists and people trying to sell you leather bags and jewelry or to convince you to take a tour, consider a day trip away from the city. 
I can strongly recommend a little escape plan outside of Marrakesh that I’ve done a few times with my ex- girlfriend.
We began our day with a relaxing morning coffee at Menara mall. Sitting on the rooftop, we had a beautiful view of the city and mountainous horizon.
We could see the peaks of the Atlas Mountain from where we sipped our coffee and had breakfast.
Then, we were off to Lake Takerkoust (1hour away) for an ATV ride throughout the region. We enjoyed a traditional tagine lunch with a view of the lake and the Atlas Mountains.
We spent the afternoon having a kayaking session around the lake which was incredibly intimate.
We returned to Marrakesh, and later that evening after resting we went out to Comptoir Darna for dinner. We finished the night by dancing at Epicurean, a hot nightclub.
It was an extremely fun and romantic (albeit busy) day but we lived far from each other so there was no time to waste. 
*Talha moderates the Couchsurfing Marrakesh group on Facebook.Be sure you check it out for some fantastic tips on visiting Marrakesh!
Contributed by Talha Rifaai
Have you ever been to Marrakesh? How would you spend a romantic date in or around the city?
April Hope
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